FC Cosmos starts preparation for a new season

FC Cos­mos, Esto­nian del­eg­ate to the Baltic Fut­sal League, starts pre­par­a­tion for a new sea­son. The play­ers train out­doors to improve their phys­ical condi­tion. Indoor train­ing will fol­low soon.

The train­ing pro­cess is hampered by the absence of Sergey Svetlov, Coach, who still can­not cross the closed EU-Rus­sia bor­der, though he always stays in touch with the team while exper­i­enced play­ers per­form his duty on site.

There are no sig­ni­fic­ant changes in the team list yet, let alone the Rus­sian legion­naires who like Svetlov can­not get to the Esto­nian cap­ital.

Mean­while FC Cos­mos is going not only to start in the Baltic Fut­sal League, the national cham­pi­on­ship and cup, but to fight for the Esto­nian Super­cup versus Viimsi FC Sms­raha. The Super­cup match date shall be announced later.

Team list for sea­son 2020/2021

  1. Andrey Alek­se­jev
  2. Mak­sim Alek­se­jev
  3. Juri Amosov
  4. Mak­sim Bab­jak
  5. Vadim Belyakov
  6. Alex­an­der Vtor­ushin
  7. Olek­sei Dro­biazko
  8. Mark Ivanov
  9. Ilja Krivoshein
  10. Marek Naal
  11. Dmitri Njatin
  12. Boriss Pod­dub­nõi
  13. Yuri Pronin
  14. Pavel Rubel
  15. Jev­geni Skam­n­it­ski
  16. Artur Tuk­mat­shov
  17. Mih­hail Timoshenko
  18. Nikita Tsh­ernei
  19. Ste­pan Tsh­ern­ous­sov
  20. Mih­hail Shrub­kovski
  21. Eduard Yaroshevich

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