Alexander Vtorushin of FC Cosmos — First Baltic Cyberfutsal League Champion!

While all global sports were hal­ted and major sport­ing event organ­isers stood in fear of their losses though can­cel­la­tion, the BFL star­ted another prom­in­ent pro­ject — the Baltic Cyber­fut­sal League. Cyber­s­port is evidently not a nov­elty in 2020, but Baltic Fut­sal Mar­ket­ing still man­aged to sur­prise with the first in the world offi­cial cyber­fut­sal tour­na­ment in FIFA 20 Volta mode.

The offi­cial sea­son had been pre­ceded by three test promo tour­na­ments with more than 20 cur­rent play­ers of the Baltic Fut­sal League. Two of the pre-tour­na­ments had been won by Alex­an­der Vtor­ushin of FC Cos­mos (Tallinn), and the third — by Artem Komashko of AGIO FM (St. Peters­burg).

While in the promo tour­na­ments every par­ti­cipant played chie­fly on his own behalf, the major prize of the offi­cial Baltic Cyber­fut­sal League com­pet­i­tion was secured for a win­n­ing team, and AGIO FM and Cos­mos were believed to secure it most likely.

First Baltic Cyber­fut­sal League Promo Tour­na­ment Cham­pion Alex­an­der Vtor­ushin, FC Cos­mos, shares his opin­ion on the com­pet­i­tion:

— I had no exper­i­ence, for I had practiced reg­u­lar foot­ball in the FIFA game before, and fut­sal was a nov­elty. But still I coped with it and suc­ceeded. The tour­na­ment was a great exper­i­ence, though there is some­thing to improve in tech­niques. Beat­ing Met­el­itsa was the toughest chal­lenge: we face each other off­line, and had to com­pete here, too. The whole Cos­mos team sup­por­ted me, and I am happy to win. I will get ready for the second promo tour­na­ment and the League. Now I am wait­ing for the oppor­tun­ity to show my per­form­ance live.”

The prizes of the Baltic Cyber­fut­sal Fut­sal are worth spe­cial descrip­tion. The top three teams — AGIO FM, TKF Rezekne and Narva UTD FC — have won balls by Select com­pany, Baltic Fut­sal League train­ing bibs and coach­ing pads, while single prize win­n­ers — Nikolay Fro­lov (AGIO FM), Alex­an­der Vtor­ushin (FC Cos­mos) and Ņikita Jelagovs (TKF Rezekne) — have got a cus­tom­ized gamepad, a FIFA 21 copy (as released) and Play Sta­tion Plus sub­scrip­tion, respect­ively.

The tour­na­ment has been approved by both par­ti­cipants and spec­tat­ors, and arran­ging for the second sea­son, with account taken of the first exper­i­ence, is just a mat­ter of time.

Igor Smirnov

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