School of FC Cosmos: Children’s futsal to everyone!

Baltic Fut­sal Mar­ket­ing con­tin­ues to present you those who are devel­op­ing won­der­ful sport in the Baltic coun­tries. Today we will talk about a spe­ci­al­ized fut­sal school that is becom­ing more pop­u­lar in Tallinn.

As we have already described in our intro­duct­ory mater­i­als, fut­sal (five-a-side) has begun to quickly gain world­wide pop­ular­ity since the end of the 20th cen­tury. The rapid change of actions on the court, the oppor­tun­ity to show the best qual­it­ies in a lim­ited space and play­ing time attrac­ted a large num­ber of nat­ur­ally gif­ted foot­ball play­ers to fut­sal. In Europe, the game took root imme­di­ately, thanks to the enthu­si­asm of people who saw the bene­fits of the new sport not only for adults, but also for chil­dren. Cre­ated in the court­yards, mini foot­ball moved to the equipped sport halls, which have become a home for thou­sands of chil­dren who wish to learn the tech­n­ics of beau­ti­ful and effect­ive foot­ball. And the use­ful­ness of fut­sal for those who want to make a career in big foot­ball can hardly be over­es­tim­ated: the abil­ity to prop­erly dis­pose of the ball and the situ­a­tion that has arisen in a lim­ited space and time is what determ­ines the class of any player.

The first fut­sal (five-a-side) school of FC Cos­mos was foun­ded on Septem­ber 8, 2014 in Esto­nia. The ini­ti­ator of the pro­ject was the pres­id­ent of FC Cos­mos, Boris Shipunov, who was the first to see the practical bene­fits of a flash­ing game for edu­cat­ing not only fut­sal but also foot­ball play­ers. At the cur­rent stage, there are two main goals: to teach the first fut­sal play­ers in Esto­nia, start­ing from child­hood, and to provide addi­tional pro­mo­tion of fut­sal foot­ball in Esto­nia. Today the school has two age groups. The group of 2006/2007 has 12 ath­letes train­ing under the guid­ance of an exper­i­enced coach Alex­an­der Zavy­alov. The latest achieve­ments of the team are reach­ing the final of the Esto­nian Fut­sal Cup, which was post­poned to a later date due to the COVID-19 pan­demic. The team also has prize-win­n­ing places at tour­na­ments in Esto­nia and Latvia. The group of 2008/2009 has over 20 young ath­letes. The coaches of this age group are Oleg Kaljur­and and Ste­pan Chern­ousov. The team’s achieve­ments include prizes in fut­sal tour­na­ments in Lithuania and Esto­nia. Moreover, the team plays in the Esto­nian cham­pi­on­ship and vari­ous foot­ball tour­na­ments dur­ing the sum­mer.

And now I just have to announce about the new ini­ti­at­ive of the pres­id­ent of FC Cos­mos Boris Shipunov: it has been decided to launch sev­eral groups for 5-7 years old pupils by Novem­ber. It is planned to start classes in the sports halls of edu­ca­tional schools in sev­eral dis­tricts of Tallinn at once, in order to reduce the travel time for par­ents and chil­dren. The work of the fut­sal school will be super­vised by Ste­pan Chern­ousov, who is cur­rently not only a prac­ti­cing coach, but also the gen­eral man­ager of FC Cos­mos with a cor­respond­ing set of tasks. So this art­icle can also be con­sidered an announce­ment about the recruit­ment of young fut­sal play­ers to the school of FC Cos­mos. For all inquir­ies, please call +372 5380 4118.

Valery Chu­machenko
PR Dir­ector of Baltic Fut­sal Mar­ket­ing

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